SV Delos


It's a sailing adventure love story of a crew consisting of Captain Brian Trautman, his brother Brady Trautman, and their girlfriends Karin Syrén and Alex Blue. The brothers have been sailing on Brian’s 53ft AMEL Super Maramu, named (Sailing Vessel) SV Delos, since 2009. They have met amazing people along the way and have explored dreamlike paradises one after the other. Tune in to their YouTube channel at Sailing SV Delos. You will quickly be hooked on their vibe and willingness to share all their experiences with us. Upon watching any episode, you will be intrigued from the very beginning. As you begin to binge watch more of their episodes, something creepy begins to happen. You begin to feel more like one of the crew.

You will feed off of their love for sailing.  As you continue watching, you become familiar with all aspects of their journey. You learn all their names, sailing jargon, geography, oceanography, and a little about living and loving. Shortly after that, you begin to take on a very one sided stalker like relationship with them. It’s really hard to explain how they pull you in so close to their inner circle, but you feel like one of the crew after watching just a few episodes. The amazing thing is that they love it and thrive off of the fans they call the tribe.


It’s truly an honor to have them help spread the word about saving baby sea turtles, as well as, telling King Poseidon’s story of the ocean in beautiful 4k video.

Brian from SV Delos viewing the midnight sun in the background at Svalbard while ironically wearing Turt Sunglasses Midnight Sun edition sunglasses. Get yours here.

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