Our Story


My name is Travis and I grew up on the beach and love the beauty of all sea life. My soulmate Jamie and I have visited beaches all over the United States and it was decided to settle in Savannah, Georgia USA.

       Affectionately known as the “heartbeat” of the Lowcountry, it is respected for it’s great beaches, amazing history, and a wonderful community of volunteers for helping save all things beach / ocean related. It was a natural fit for us. However, It became immediately clear that there was a serious danger of one of the most beautiful sea creatures becoming extinct. We set out on a journey to try and help as much as we could to do our part to become an Eco warrior for sea turtles. In 2017 we opened our online store called TurtSunglasses.com, selling bamboo sunglasses in order to help raise funds to save baby Sea Turtles. We’ve had great support from our Eco Warrior friends all over the world and we are only getting stronger. We are excited to host our passion and products in Savannah.

      Turt Sunglasses is a lifestyle brand that focuses on Eco friendly products that help raise funds to save and protect baby sea turtles. Join us on our journey and help us help them.