YappoPalooza 2018

Posted by Travis Zinger on

YappoPalooza 2018 was a Sea Turtle festival / fundraiser hosted at the Gladys Porter Zoo that celebrates awareness in a fantastic way. Droves of Eco Warriors showed their support by participating in many events for all ages including the Ridley Rush, Yappo Kids Fest, and Yappo Bands and Brewskis. All funds raised went to benefit the Binational Kemp's Ridley and other Sea Turtle Conservation Projects.


The day-long event featured a turtle run, arts and crafts vendors, children’s educational and recreational activities, a silent auction, raffle, exhibits, presentations from renowned sea turtle biologists from Mexico and the US, and an evening social with live music, shrimp plates and beer and wine sampling. The main goal of the event was two-fold: to raise awareness of sea turtle conservation efforts and encourage volunteerism; and help fund the continuation of critical Kemp’s Ridley Project research, in specific the tagging study.

 YappoPalooza is named after a young man who was a dedicated volunteer for the Kemp’s Ridley Project. He spent all his free time traveling to the beaches of Mexico to practice his passion and make a difference, without asking anything in return. YappoPalooza is not all about money. It is a vehicle to share his story and inspire the next generation(s) to give of themselves. "They can make the world a better place and be better people because of it."


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Special thanks to Toni from the Gladys Porter Zoo for letting us be part of it.