Turt Sunglasses partners with Turt Saves to help save Baby Turtles

Posted by Travis Zinger on

This Eco friendly Non Profit organization is run by Sylvia Zinger and Cheyann Eder. Together, they provide passion and protection of endangered sea turtle environments. With most species of sea turtles on the endangered list, their work is helping to save this spectacular beast for many years to come.

    Turt Saves mission plan is to:

  • Protect Sea turtle nesting beaches.
  • Educate future Eco Warriors on the importance of Sea turtles.
  • Support baby turtle hatchery's.
  • Develop Eco tourism to help educate.
  • Provide volunteers for beach patrols.
  • Organize Beach clean ups. 


Turt Sunglasses will donate a portion of the sale of each sunglasses to save baby turtles.


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