Things learned from Holiday Markets.

Posted by Jamie Donohoo on

Although most of our business is run online and out of our apartment in Savannah, Ga., being a vendor at some local Holiday Markets has been a welcome addition and an eye opening experience for me.  


Travis had a couple markets under his belt before my first one. I was so nervous upon entering the gym at a school in South Carolina. And rightly so.  These things are no joke. People work all year for this one month of shopping. As I was helping Travis set up our booth for our sunglasses and jewelry, I kept a watchful eye on surrounding vendors.  Being somewhat of a newcomer to the area, from Texas, it was exciting to be in the midst of like minded individuals. People were so proud of their products and were there for the same reason we were, to sell, and promote their cause.  What was surprising to me, being new to this and all, was how nice, receptive, and encouraging all these fellow entrepreneurs were. At the end of that day, albeit a little discouraged from our slow sales, I learned that interacting with other business owners was uplifting.  I learned that conversations with customers about our brand was fulfilling. I walked away content, but my mind buzzing with ideas for our next market.


Travis’ parents came up from Florida to be with us during the Desoto Street Holiday Market in downtown Savannah.  I had added some flair to our packaging for our jewelry and had everything organized, laid out, and packed up. Excited, but still not knowing what to expect from this market, clearly different from a school setting, I was ready. I was eager to get out there, despite the crappy weather early on, and see what the day would bring. Most immediately enjoyable...seeing familiar faces from the previous show.  I’m new here, so that doesn’t happen often. So, unbeknownst to them, they’re my new bff’s. Yes, I was a little more confident this time. I could not wait to tell other vendors and prospective customers our story. It was enlightening to have them question what our cause is and why. It was fun telling them about our sailing friends, SV Delos and SV Zingaro, and how they are supporting and helping our cause. What surprised me the most was how seemingly uninterested people were intrigued and brought back in when I would tell them how we are partnered with  I guess I thought that if they weren’t interested in our product, then they wouldn’t care.  It was quite the opposite. For some, it was our story, our cause, that they were interested in, and then they noticed our products.  It was a stellar day. Mind blowing actually. A good day for our business, but most of all, a good day for my soul.


At the end of the day, it’s about people, interaction, support, encouragement, and the desire to want our world to be a better place.  I am extremely fortunate to have met the people I have and that they feel the same way. Onwards and upwards to the next market this coming up weekend.  I have no doubts that I will see familiar faces and meet new friends who support our cause, love turtles, and will encourage us every step of the way.


Much happiness,