Where Does The Money Go?

Since the beginning we have been proud to be partnered with Billion Baby Turtles. Many people ask us "Where does the money go?" and " How much do we keep?" So in order to answer those questions, here is an excerpt from their website. See Below

SEE Turtles


Where Do The Donations Go?

This funding goes to community-based turtle organizations at key nesting beaches. In addition, the funds are used to build and maintain hatcheries where the eggs are protected until they hatch and are released to the ocean. Check out our partners here. 

We are starting with our current partners whose work we know intimately and we prioritize nesting beach projects that are newer (less than 5 years old) with less stable sources of funding and more immediate threats like poaching. Learn more about threats to sea turtles here. 

How Much Do You Keep For Administrative Costs?

We send at least 90% of donations from individuals to our partners. 10% goes to administrative costs like credit card processing fees and covering staff time.

More questions about Billion Baby Turtles or SEE Turtles? Contact us here.